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Making Progress in the Digitization Project 

G L O B A L  A C C E S S   
The museumís Digitization Project, which began work in June 2015, is progressing faster than expected.
Digitizing the museumís archival collection is a long-term project that is expected to take ten years to complete. The purpose of this important project is to catalogue, scan, and create database records of the museumís growing archival collection. This will aid the museum in conserving its current archival resources and in making the museumís archival collection easily accessible and readily available for public consumption. The museum plans to develop virtual exhibits on the museumís website for the public to access. Additional long term goals of the program include providing public online access to portions of the museumís archival collection, followed by privileged access to local, regional, and national institutions of higher education to aid in academic research and elevated learning outcomes.
Below photos are of staff and interns assisting in the tedious process of digitizing the collections of archival materials.

More To Do -
The museum has set a two year goal to digitize nineteen collections. ArchivesManager Ethan Bowers (above center photo) is happy to report that as of January 2016, eight collections have been fully catalogued and scanned, and data entry has begun on those eight collections. These collections constitute 7,000 to 10,000 items and nearly forty-five percent of the initial two year digitization goal. Over the next few months, more collections will undergo the digitization process and the museum will continue to take steps forward in completing this monumental but extraordinarily important task.
Please help us moving forward in the digitization process by making a donation to the effort today. You can make a donation online or call the museum at 260-925-1444.

Museum Store  -  Adjunct to Auburn's Automotive Story

Automobilia for All Ages
The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum Store is stocked with items to compliment your interest in automobiles and to further engage you in Auburn's automotive story. Many products are custom-designed specifically from the museum's collection such as special diecast models crafted by the best in the industry.
Museum Store wearables reflect the latest and most popular graphic designs in generous sizing up to 3X-large in most offerings, like the blue museum t-shirt in the display photo (right.) Let's not forget educational toys for the younger set too! Can't get to the Museum Store? Well, store items arew available online making it easy to obtain the latest addition to the Museum Store anytime.

Something Different -
Unlike many shops you may have experienced, the ambience of the Museum Store is gallery-like in many aspects. One is surrounded with nostalgic images from the Classic Era direct from the museum's archival photographic collections - it's the 1930s!  From art-deco inspired polished chrome store fixtures, a stacked-high diversity of products, to self-exploratory and engaging computer CD-ROMS one is immersed in a plethora of "take-home" items and real-time activities that commemorate automobilia past, present and future.  
Come explore in person or online the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum Store. See why we are exemplary in Museum Store practices and stellar in customer service.

View the automobile collection of one of the most respected automobile museum's in the country in this 49-minute, color DVD. The DVD entitled Your Visit to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum is a visual overview of the museum's collection and automotive history. Visit every fascinating gallery and the cars unique to each gallery; learn of the historical significance of the former Auburn Automobile Company, the auto stylists and the company's former leader E.L. Cord. The best-selling DVD takes you on a personal tour through the collection with insights that will surprise you throughout the DVD.