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1 ADLIB Museum Axiell Group AB

(formerly Adlib Information Systems in the Netherlands and 
Selago Design in North America)

65.67 Adlib Museum is specifically designed for recording and managing your Museum’s collections data. Years of experience in field of collections management is the foundation for Adlib Museum. This is partly why it has become the most widely used collection management software and is successfully implemented in so many museums and collection managing institutions.
Proprietary Spectrum compliant.

"Let Adlib Information Systems remove all your ICT worries by hosting your complete Adlib system. We provide all the infrastructure and technical support necessary to keep your system running securely."

"The Adlib Internet Server enables you to use a web browser to make your collection accessible to colleagues or online visitors. You define which fields from your database can be searched on and/or displayed."
Optional Optional 5 users = $14K first year. No hosting cost avail. Lite version is free. 5-Feb-2014
2 ArchivesSpace Archives Space NA Built for archives by archivists, ArchivesSpace is the open source archives information management application for managing and providing web access to archives, manuscripts and digital objects. Support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Windows, Mac, Linux Open Source Still developing, very detailed plans. Built on CollectionSpace design. Yes Third party? Open source 5-Feb-2014

Not Found at: ARGUS.Net


See entry #11 at Lucidea, formerly Eloquent Software and SydneyPLUS, Inmagic, Cuadra, Questor and affiliate companies now Lucidea Corporation"

3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 210 Los Angeles, CA 90034-6988 U.S.A. Phone: 310 591 2481 Client Services: 310 591 2481
37.66 Our core platform, ARGUS is designed to integrate information about collections so that knowledge can be shared across the organization and with the visiting public. Its ability to integrate and provide access to the details of collection management is unrivalled, but its robust underlying relational database and simple interface make it both dependable and easy to use. is also a single integrated system that addresses three key needs for museums. It not only features what all of today’s museums require, a museum collections management system, but also includes a portal that lets staff easily deliver updated information about the collection’s activities over the Web. Additionally an App Builder lets you quickly deploy new exhibit applications for mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

Yes Yes


4 Artsystems Pro Art Systems LLC
Artsystems Pro Automates virtually all gallery and collection information management tasks.

Private Cloud hosting and remote sync — work remotely, online and/or offline (optional)
Windows, Mac Proprietary Client-server with SQL database. Cloud is option, but does not replace server need. No Optional $5000 one system, $1,000 for each additional PC 5-Feb-2014
5 AtoM (short for Access to Memory)   Artefactual Systems AtoM (short for Access to Memory) is a web-based, open source application for standards-based archival description and access. The application is multilingual and multi-repository.  Linux, Windows (in a virtual box) Open Source


First commissioned by the International Council on Archives (ICA) to make it easier for archival institutions worldwide to put their holdings online using the ICA’s descriptive standards, the project has since grown into an internationally used community-driven project. Yes Optional 12-Dec-2021

Installation requires multiple software packages to be downloaded and installed. Expertise required!


Calm ALMsc Axiell Group AB

Axiell CALM Limited

Axiell Calm offers a complete “all in one” solution to the current and emerging needs of Museums, Archives, Record Offices and other organisations within the Cultural Services sector.

With our latest release version 10, Calm leads the way in addressing core issues in collection management: standards, EAD and EAC, linked data, OAI and record harvesting, multimedia digital repository, interoperability, Web enabled searching, comprehensive authority control.
Windows Proprietary "CalmView is the popular public access module for Calm applications, offering a high quality 'out of the box' look and feel. With a layered approach to customisation and a built-in configuration tool, CalmView allows you to present data over the Internet or local intranet with minimum design or configuration." No Optional $10,000 for 5 users Hosting cost optional. 5-Feb-2014
6.1 CatalogIt It Unlimited, Inc. "We believe we would be Spectrum compliant, but we have not applied for Spectrum review" N/A


CatalogIt is a powerful, collaborative and intuitive software platform for all types of collections. Your team can collaborate simultaneously, securely viewing and editing records anywhere, anytime, on mobile and desktop devices. Included with a subscription is the CatalogIt HUB, an easy web-publishing platform for quickly and selectively using and sharing your collections.

CatalogIt includes a classification for comprehensively documenting motor vehicles.

CatalogIt is accessible via any system that supports a modern browser, including Windows, Mac, Linux Proprietary


Cloud-based. No need to maintain any particular hardware.

Runs on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browsers. Also runs on the CatalogIt App available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Yes Yes Starting at $449.99 for up to 25,000 Entries, 8 users, 100 GB of storage, and publishing to the web via the CatalogIt HUB if you wish


7 CollectionSpace CollectionSpace
CollectionSpace is an open-source, web-based software application for the description, management, and dissemination of museum collections information. The CollectionSpace project team is made up of museum professionals, software engineers, and interaction designers.

Version 4.0 of the software, released in late 2013, greatly improved the method by which individual museums configure the software. CollectionSpace is now in daily use by a diverse array of North American and European museums and municipalities, including art museums, historical societies, herbaria, and botanical gardens.
Windows, Mac, Linux Open Source Self-hosted Yes Third party? Open source 12-Dec-2021
8 Collective Access Collective Access
CollectiveAccess is open-source collections management and presentation software designed for museums, archives, and special collections also increasingly used by libraries, corporations and non-profits. It is designed to handle large, heterogeneous collections that have complex cataloguing requirements and require support for a variety of metadata standards and media formats.

The two main components of CollectiveAccess are Providence, the core cataloguing and data management application, and Pawtucket, an optional "front-end" publication and discovery platform.
Windows, Mac, Linux Open Source Self-hosted Yes Third party Open source 5-Feb-2014
8 Collector Systems Collector Systems
Collector Systems is a Web-based art management system that allows collectors and their trusted advisers -- curators, collection managers, or family members -- to access, manage and enjoy their collection from any place in the world with an Internet connection. Collector Systems is simple, powerful and easy to use. Log in using a Mac or a PC, iPhone or iPad, or any other Internet-enabled device. If you want to share your collection with a colleague, friend, or adviser, invite them to your Private Gallery. It's that simple. No more e-mail threads, no more copy and paste. Just the information you need, delivered to you and the people you trust, whenever you want it, wherever you are.
Proprietary Limited user-defined fields. Improvements desired: fields to be increased to at least 12 for all types of categories - objects, people, locations. Yes Yes $50 (consumer) or $85 (institution) per user, per month. $3,500 setup fee.
Data conversion extra
9 eHive eHive by Vernon Systems Limited (NZ)
eHive is an online collection management system with built in, simple to use publishing options to the web. eHive is a Software as a Service (SaaS) collection management system - simply sign up for an account online and the software is immediately ready to use.
Proprietary See personal sample at

Good import and export. 

Image files only.

Yes Yes 50 Mb, 200 object limit: Free

Level 1, 1 GB: US $120/year

Level 2, 1GB: US $200/year

Level 3, 5GB: US $400/year

Level 4, 25GB: US $800/year

see eHive website for more detail

10 Eloquent Archives Now Lucidea, formerly Eloquent Systems Inc.
Eloquent Archives is an integrated application including all the functions for archival description, accessioning/de-accessioning, controlled vocabulary, custodial management, research request tracking, and other workflow functions.

Shares software code and data tables with the other 3 applications in the Eloquent WebSuite – library, museum, records, archives. They all have a digital asset management (DAM) component and can support public access to designated content and metadata.

Supports all common browsers for end user; MS Windows server for the database. Proprietary Good client list. 

Storage is priced by five tier levels: 2 GB - 400 GB.  $7.50 annually for each GB over 400 GB.

Yes, for all user access. Customer may chose  to license for own server or SaaS in the Eloquent Cloud. Varies with modules, capacity, and business model.

SaaS starting with unlimited users = $3,200/year (no license)

Licensing starts at  $8,400.


Partial review
11 Now Argus, not:

Eloquent Museum

Now Lucidea, formerly Eloquent Systems Inc.
Eloquent Museum is Collections Management Software (CMS) for cultural institutions of any size. It supports the standard inventorying of all items, as well as creating a "virtual" museum for public viewing.

Shares software code and data tables with the other 3 applications in the Eloquent WebSuite – library, museum, records, archives. They all have a digital asset management (DAM) component and can support public access to designated content and metadata.

Supports all common browsers for end user; MS Windows server for the database.
Proprietary Good client list. 

Storage is priced by five tier levels: 2 GB - 400 GB.  $7.50 annually for each GB over 400 GB.

Yes, for all user access. Customer may chose  to license for own server or SaaS in the Eloquent Cloud. Varies with modules, capacity, and business model.

SaaS starting with unlimited users = $3,200/year (no license)

Licensing starts at  $8,400.


Partial review
12 TMS Collections

(formerly EmbARK)

Gallery Systems 59.9 EmbARK is a user-friendly suite of software tools designed to catalog and manage collections. Whether you use Cataloguer or Collections Manager, you'll find that EmbARK’s solutions are the optimal way to document your collection.

Collections Manager also tracks all aspects of an object’s history and use. Manage such activities as acquisitions, conservation, exhibitions, loans, shipping, valuations and more. Customize default EmbARK reports to create wall labels, incoming and outgoing receipts, checklists and letters.
Windows, Mac Proprietary "eMuseum is a web-based software program that integrates seamlessly with TMS and other collection management systems to dynamically publish information to your website, Intranet, and kiosks." No No
13 Galis Semantika
Semantika offers a complete, low-cost Museum Documentation System that allows users to document everything from Objects & Collections, Exhibitions, Events to Restoration projects. We have a unique "Click once, publish everywhere"  approach to mobile and web publishing. With a single click, a record can be published to the website of the organization, to a national museums portal, to our global museums website and to an array of mobile applications. Everything without ANY additional development by the organization. Windows Proprietary Slovenia based, limited English on website and none for Galis. Primarily oriented to images, no mention of other document types. 

Limited SPECTRUM compliance

Yes Yes $200/month for 5 users 6-Feb-2014
-- Greenstone Digital Library Software New Zealand Digital Library Project (University of Waikato) NA Greenstone is a suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections. It provides a new way of organizing information and publishing it on the Internet or on CD-ROM. Greenstone is produced by the New Zealand Digital Library Project at the University of Waikato, and developed and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO. It is open-source, multilingual software, issued under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Read the Greenstone Factsheet for more information.

The aim of the Greenstone software is to empower users, particularly in universities, libraries, and other public service institutions, to build their own digital libraries. Digital libraries are radically reforming how information is disseminated and acquired in UNESCO's partner communities and institutions in the fields of education, science and culture around the world, and particularly in developing countries. We hope that this software will encourage the effective deployment of digital libraries to share information and place it in the public domain. Further information can be found in the book How to build a digital library, authored by three of the group's members.

Windows, Mac, Linux Open Source Easy download and installation.  Can "import" files from Excel/CSV.  Standard use of Dublin Core metadata; also can add custom metadata categories.  Will make direct categorization and search use of images and PDF files with embedded metadata without need for further classification. 

Full text search of PDF, Word and other documents.  Flexible search and display screens.  Suitable for personal, networked or Internet accessible archives.

See for auto museum/collection sample archives.

See for worldwide examples.

DL Consulting (Hamilton NZ) provides professional development, hosting and support for Greenstone (and other) libraries and archives.

Yes Third Party NA 6-Mar-2014
14 iCollect

This website: "404 Not Found"

iCollect, the state-of-the-art collection management system created by Collector Systems exclusively for Sotheby’s, allows our clients to manage their entire collection through a secure, user-friendly website. With this remarkable tool, it is simple to upload multiple images of your collection, attach condition reports, appraisal documents and insurance certificates, while maintaining a list of frequently used contacts and a location history of every object.
Proprietary Yes, same as Collect Systems Yes Yes $45 (consumer) or $75 (institution) per user, per month. $3,500 setup fee.
Data conversion extra


404 Not Found!

15 iO

"The requested URL /portfolio/en/Default.htm was not found on this server."

Willoughby Associates

(acquired by Selago Design, Inc)

41.86 iO replaces the traditional "flipping through index cards" interface with a web-like interface, resulting in a greatly reduced learning curve that makes the software easier to operate than other packages and opens up its use to a wide range of museum staff outside of collection specialists.
Proprietary Acquired by Selago. 

From Selago website: "The next version of iO is currently under development. It is based on Oracle's free Express database and is scheduled for release in 2010. Please check back for more updates"

?? ??

"The requested URL /portfolio/en/Default.htm was not found on this server."

16 KE EMu Axiell Group AB

(formerly KE Software)

67.6 KE is the world’s leading provider of Collections Management systems and services for natural history museums, cultural history museums, art museums, herbaria, botanic gardens, archives and special collections. The company’s clients include the three largest museums in the world.

"EMu can also be run on virtual environments or hosted remotely."

Windows (other?) Proprietary No decent demo, little info and much old material on website. Spectrum compliant. Impressive customer list, the actual customer websites are good.

"EMu publishes your collection on the web with the integrated IMu Internet Museum system. Through IMu it is a simple matter to provide online access to those records you choose to publish. IMu is EMu's strategy and toolset for publishing your content on the Internet and your Intranet, for use on desktop computers, in-house kiosks and on mobile devices for a whole range of uses, including guided tours of your physical collections."
No Optional $17.6K/5 users 13-Dec-2021
17 MINT/MINISIS Management for Museums MINISIS Inc. 64.13 M3 (now MINT) is one of the worlds top cultural assets management applications. This tailored application for Museum Management created via the SMA (Standard MINISIS Application) enables members of the art, museum, archaeology and natural science communities to manage their mission critical tasks.
Proprietary Demo on request from website No No
18 Memorix Picturae
Memorix is an integrated software suite for collection management, digital asset management and webshop management. Complimentary to the back-end software a “custom-off-the-shelf” collection website is supported.
The system will create website versions of a wide range of file types. Each file can have the necessary metadata to allow retrieval when it is not being used in your collection..the Memorix DAM system has been designed to interact with various other storage applications such as e-Depots.

Proprietary Limited SPECTRUM compliance. May be light on some management needs, but a full featured Digital Asset Management system (DAM) that complies with all metadata standards. Good object relational and import/export functions.
Yes Yes $2,600 annual fee, unlimited users 13-Dec-2021
19 Micromusée Mobydoc (France)
Micromusée is dedicated to all types of collections: Fine & Decorative Arts, Archaeology, Ethnography, Industry and Technique and specialised collections. Windows, Linux Proprietary Spectrum compliant.

"The OPAC module allows the institutions using Mobydoc products to make the public aware of all the data or part of it, in order to highlight their collections, a permanent or temporary exhibition, objects not in display…"
No Yes $5-6K for 5 users 6-Feb-2014
20 MINT (MINISIS Integrator) MINISIS Inc. 60.88 The future of Total Cultural Asset Management has arrived. MINISIS Inc. has proved that it is possible to fully integrate archival, library, and museum items in one system — without compromising the documentation standards privy to each descriptive focus.

Providing federated access to information about objects, documents (electronic or physical), archival records, and books is the future for every cultural/educational/research institution.

Proprietary Based on complex database. Demo on request No No
21 Modes Compact Modes Users Association 
Modes Compact is the entry level version of the Modes collections management system. Modes Compact supports SPECTRUM primary procedures to Accreditation standards: Object Entry, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Object Exit, Loans in, Loans out, and Location and movement control. Can be installed as single-user program only.
Modes Compact provides support for object cataloguing, with templates for for archaeology, books, decorative art, fine art, geology, natural history, photographs and social history records.
Windows Proprietary Fixed template for data entry, extra cost to customize.

Public access through Modes web hosting service.
No Yes £650/single user 13-Dec-2021
22 Modes Complete sc Modes Users Association 
Modes Complete is the fully-featured version of the Modes collections management system. Modes Complete is a SPECTRUM compliant application, but indexes, outputs and reports, validation and terminology control can be configured by the user. Can be installed in single-user or multi-user (networked) configurations. Windows Proprietary Full SPECTRUM compliance. Modes Assoc is a non-profit.
Good standards and metadata support.
No claim of mobile platform support.
Through Modes web hosting, or web browser interface can be hosted on user's own server.
Optional Optional £1300/single user. £650 each additional user 13-Dec-2021
23 MIMSY XG Axiell Group AB

(fomerly Willoughby Associates which was acquired by Selago Design, Inc)

57.08 MIMSY XG is an innovative tool to maximize your collection's potential. Using the suggestions of our clients and innovative new theories on interface design, MIMSY XG gives you the power to maximize your collection's potential.
The Collections Management division of Willoughby Associates was recently acquired by Selago Design, Inc, and our Help Desk staff has moved over to Selago's team.
Windows, Mac, Linux Proprietary Client server, uses Oracle database. Spectrum compliant.

Web publishing products, Möbius and MWeb.
No No Free for non-profit, except for the Oracle license

$16K/5 users
24 Museolog Museolog
Museolog is a software system, developed by FOSS team within UNESCO HeritageNet project, and localised by local NGO in Almaty with help of Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan where initial functions of input and editing of museum catalogues are provided by a modern intuitive graphical interface using forms and menu. Windows, Linux Open Source Last update 2009. Not yet tested. Yes Third party Open source 13-Dec-2021
25 MuseumIndex+sc System Simulation
MuseumIndex+ from System Simulation is a full-featured museum collection management system offering SPECTRUM cataloguing and featuring a workflow engine which directly supports SPECTRUM procedures. The system is configurable to meet specialist needs and is in use in all sizes of museum from the smallest to the largest. MuseumIndex+ has a large number of modules for everything from web publishing to archives management, and is the latest version of the popular MUSIMS collections management system, based on the award-winning Index+ information management platform. Windows, Linux, Solaries Proprietary "The web user interfaces are cross-browser, running on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

MuseumIndex+ includes the Collections Online module for web delivery."

Optional archive and bibliographic modules.

Good import/export
Optional Optional $7,500/5 users 13-Dec-2021
26 MuseumPlus zetcom North America, LLC 71.75 Our robust and efficient MuseumPlusRIA solution was developed to support the complex needs of museums. This comprehensive, flexible application provides real-time museum management and fully documents any type of collection and all related workflow. And as a web-based tool, MuseumPlusRIA offers an essential feature: Access to all of your data: anytime, anywhere.

See also eMuseumPlus
Windows, Mac, Linux Proprietary Client server, uses Access, Oracle or other SQL database. Spectrum compliant.

"The SaaS option allows us to offer you an optimal and cost effective system."
Yes Optional $7,400/5 users 6-Feb-2014
27 PastPerfect Museum Software PastPerfect Software, Inc. 52.6 PastPerfect Museum Software sets the standard for collection management software. It is affordable, flexible and easy to use for both small organizations and large collections.

PastPerfect is the world’s leading software program for collection and contact management. Over 8,500 organizations worldwide have achieved their goals using PastPerfect. Version 5.0 has all the features you’ll need to automate and streamline many of your organization’s processes.
Windows Proprietary Very detailed system. Many user defined fields available; great import and export.

User manual available online.  Most complete system documentation reviewed to date.

"PastPerfect-Online is our Web publishing export tool that lets you create separate database files containing just the information you choose to share with your online visitors."

Evaluation and demo July 1, 2014

No No $695. Network upgrade $515-$1650 (unlimited users)

Online setup $285. $440 for annual hosting of 10,000 records.
28 Proficio 

(formerly Re: Discovery)

Re:Discovery Software Inc. 55.76 Proficio’s Collections Management module is flexible and easy to use for managing any type of collection. The system includes standard catalog records tailored to Art, Cultural History, and Natural History objects. Many fields on a catalog record can be customized to suit specialized collections. Windows Proprietary Reviews website. "Elements" for up to 2 users, less expensive.

Customized version used by US Department of the Interior

"Proficio’s internet interface makes collections available to researchers and the public via the internet or intranet. Website visitors can search, browse, and view collections data and images. The institution’s staff selects which records and information to make available for online viewing. When a web visitor searches the collection the results are initially displayed in a list format with thumbnail images, and then clicking on an item links to more detailed information."

No No $1300 for Elements, one time 6-Feb-2014
29 Qi Keepthinking
Qi is a web-based content, information and asset management solution that allows organisations of any size to manage, publish and share their content. Qi can be easily customised to adapt to any type of content and to serve it to diverse audiences, across any number of channels and platforms. Qi is designed for ultimate flexibility, collaboration, ease of use and speed.  Windows, Mac Proprietary Spectrum compliant. Based on open-source, one time license? Choice of databases. Impressive description.

"Qi offers a comprehensive publishing module, which can be easily customised to suit individual needs. The real strength of the Qi architecture is in its integration within the wider organisations website architecture, so that contextual information and multi-layered narrative can be easily added."
Yes Unknown $14.8K/5 users 6-Feb-2014
30 SKINmuseum sc SKINsoft
S-Museum gives the possibility to record collection items and everything linked to them, and to classify the contents in order to provide easy access to every type of data.

Media is essential to the program; S-Museum integrates media library management features (pictures, videos, literary or administrative documents, sound recordings). You can store your files, extract at any moment an HD picture or a smaller format, import your media quickly and easily, reinsert your media from different programs, and create new files.

SKINweb allows you to publish your collections online. A cost-effective extension can also enable content management on interactive and other multimedia terminals. Museum and library collections can be managed in a cross-disciplinary way using SKINlibris, a module dedicated to managing all types of document, integrating librarianship standards and rules. All these solutions provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface that will facilitate your work.
Windows, Mac, Linux Proprietary Full SPECTRUM compliance claimed.

"Collections which are published on an online portal with the help of SKINweb are all accessible from mobile platforms too."

"All our solutions are web applications."

“*A mobile, user-friendly, easy-to-use software, with a contemporary design. *A secured access to data, wherever you are. *A powerful storage and research tool, with many different features *An evolving, open, and interoperable application. *A customizable, configurable application *A multi-establishment, multi-trade, collaborative work tool”
Yes? Optional $9,700/5 users 6-Feb-2014
31 STAR®, with the STAR®/Museum Application


Cuadra Associates, Inc. (Los Angeles) 60.94 The key application for object collections, STAR/Museums, is a ready-to-use, task-oriented system that can be used for collections of all kinds, including fine art, folk art, files, photographs and artifacts. It provides comprehensive support for the full range of museum management processes, including tasks such as conservation, exhibition planning, and shipping.

STAR/Museums helps museums to manage their collections effectively, providing multi-user access, unlimited reports formats, and the ability to adapt to evolving standards.

Proprietary Claims to follow all traditional museum/archive needs.

Used by the Getty Research Institute
Unclear Optional
32 The Digital Ark The Digital Ark
The Digital Ark provides cost-effective digital archiving solutions to preserve, manage and share historic collections online. Collaborating with cultural heritage institutions in the academic, entertainment and corporate markets, we offer on-site and off-site digitization services, customized online digital archives, and e-commerce solutions.
Proprietary Custom database and digitization solutions. 

Does not appear to be a complete CMS.

No ??
33 TMS (The Museum System) Gallery Systems 72.32 TMS is the cultural sector’s leading collection management system. Developed in partnership with museum professionals, TMS streamlines the way you capture, manage and access your collection information. Daily activities such as cataloguing, media tracking, and coordinating exhibitions, have never been easier. Windows Proprietary 10 detailed modules. Good client list. No Yes $14.8K/5 users 6-Feb-2014
34 eMuseum

The Museum System

Gallery Systems
Guide online visitors through a virtual tour of your collection with eMuseum.

eMuseum is a web-based software program that integrates seamlessly with TMS and other collection management systems to dynamically publish information to your website, Intranet, and kiosks.
Windows Proprietary Yes NA
35 The Visual Archiver Commonwealth Historic Resource Management Ltd. 25.93 Commonwealth has successfully produced and tested The Visual Archiver. The Archiver is a state-of-the-art software package that has been beta tested in the field, supported by an investment from the National Research Council, and favourably evaluated by the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN). The Archiver has a base platform of standard features that can be customized to the specific needs of each client. The program operates on basic computer systems (PC and Mac), and has the flexibility to meet the expanded needs of an organization as their resources, systems, and requirements expand. Windows, Mac Proprietary " A full-scale, relational database using the 4th Dimension development platform, one of the most powerful database systems in the marketplace"

Does not appear to be a complete CMS.

In beta test.
?? ??

(Enterprise Content Management ECM) formerly "Virtual Collections"™

GCI INC. 55.43 ULTIMA is a revolutionary Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) that enables an organization to create, organize and fully exploit information pertaining to their collections and inventories, in one centralized, complete and user-friendly Information System.
Proprietary Canadian company; website French only! Translation by Google.

May not be a complete CMS.
?? ??
37 Vernon CMS 

(former name COLLECTION)

Vernon Systems Limited (NZ) 60.59 Vernon CMS is universal, handling all types of objects within the one system. Our clients range from single user sites with a few hundred objects to major institutions with networked systems, multiple users, multiple sites and collections running into millions of objects.

Vernon Browser and Vernon HTML Export allow you to publish information on kiosks, intranets and the Internet
Windows Proprietary Optional Activities Module required for most CMS functions.

"Vernon Browser is designed for collections of all types and sizes. It is highly configurable, for seamless integration into your website. The Browser provides fast and convenient web access, with indexes specifically tailored to your collections. Sites can configure the Browser to use the fields and indexes of their choice and can tailor the HTML to provide the style of presentation that is consistent with their image."
No No $13,000/five users. This example has 60,000 objects 12-Dec-2021
38 Vesica Vesica (UK)
Vesica is a web based museum-class art collection management application that can be used in lieu of traditional desktop software. As a complete SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, Vesica runs in your browser and requires no installation. You pay for what you use at £0.05 / $0.08 per object per month and can get started by creating a free trial account for immediate access (with up-to 10 objects); then upgrade to a paid account as needed with no long term contracts. Windows, Mac, Linux Proprietary More complete than eHive, but can be very expensive. Yes Yes $1600/month for 20,000 objects 6-Feb-2014

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