Car Collections and Digital Technology

Table of Contents

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  1. The Project Background: How to Better Organize Car Collections Data

  2. What's in the Car Library and the Data Disk and how is it used?

  3. The First Organization Steps

  4. Making and Importing Lists/Databases/Excel to Greenstone

  5. Making a Car Collections Database in Excel and Importing to Greenstone (Less Basic)

  6. Using Microsoft Access Databases for Car Club Registries and Car Collections Management

  7. Guide to Improved Identification and Classification of Digital Photos, Images and Documents

  8. ExifTool - Reading and Writing Embedded Metadata

  9. Trials and Tests with Picasa, Metadata, Greenstone and the ExifTool

  10. Using Other Library Technology for Car Collections and Archives

  11. The Sports Car Library - A collection of 578 periodicals available on USB drive

  12. Collection Management Systems - An Introduction

  13. Greenstone Digital Library Home Page

  14. A "Gold Standard" Digital Archive - the Autry National Center of the American West 

  15. Open Source Digital Asset Management Systems - Listed

  16. DSpace Home Page

  17. Article: "StoneD - A Bridge between Greenstone and DSpace"

  18. National Association of Automobile Museums (NAAM)

  19. Car Museums and Collections - A Worldwide List

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Last update: February 8, 2014