Car Collections and Digital Technology

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Topics/Webpages 1 through 8 below, best viewed in sequence, are tested steps suggested to collectors/archivists or collection managers to create software-based archives/collections. Of course, any topic can be viewed directly!

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  1. Introduction - Archive/Collections Basics

  2. Creating Archives with Computer Software

  1. Spreadsheets

  2. Databases

  3. Content Management Software

  4. Digital Library Software

  5. Collections Management Systems

  1. Database Archives: Microsoft's Access

  2. Greenstone Digital Library Software

  1. Using Greenstone Digital Library Software

  2. Importing Spreadsheet Data into Greenstone

  3. Collections Created with Embedded Metadata

  4. Greenstone Automotive Collections

  5. Guide to Using the Greenstone Automotive Collections

  6. Portable Greenstone on a USB Drive

  1. Collection Management Systems

    A.  Table of Collections Management Systems/Software

    B.   PastPerfect Museum Software

  2. Using Metadata for Classification

  3. Archive/Collection Examples

  1. Frazer Nash Archives

  2. Southward Car Museum Archive

  3. The Sports Car Library - Auto Racing Magazines

  1. Summary and Recommendations

  2. The CarLibrary News and Blog

  3. Related Resources

  1. The Society of Automotive Historians (SAH)

  2. National Association of Automobile Museums (NAAM)

  3. American Alliance of Museums (AAM)

    1"National Standards and Best Practices for U.S. Museums"

  4. Collections Trust (UK) 

    1.  "SPECTRUM standards"

  5. Car Museums and Collections - A Worldwide List

  6. Greenstone Digital Library Home Page

  7. Prof. Gordon Nickerson's Greenstone Video Tutorials

  8. "Car History, Archives and Digital Technology" (Bob Schmitt)

  9. The Revs Institute - Collier Collection

  10. Using Library Technology for Collections and Archives

  11. LibraryThing: A Book/Library Cataloging Aid

  12. Automobile Quarterly Index

  13. Open Source Digital Asset Management Systems

  14. A "Best Practices" Digital Archive: the Autry National Center of the American West 

  15. DSpace - Home Page

  16. "StoneD - A Bridge between Greenstone and DSpace"

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